Re-wilding – adding sound

I’ve been working on the soundtrack for the piece, listening to and editing field recordings and matching them with the visual material. Here is a working draft for the first few minutes, representing the moors as they are now, and prior to any re-wilding.

Pylons, turbines, tussocks, rough pasture and managed grouse moor.

Some of the sounds from these places appear larger than life, blurring the edges between reality and hyper-reality. Pylons crackle, turbines creak, sheep munch and burp, fences and gates rattle and screech. The wind is ever-present in its different forms, swishing and swirling. A passing aeroplane casts a heavy downward drone.

At the end of this section, the entrance of a bee and faint call of a willow warbler signal imminent transition.

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