A short field trip

I took a trip out this week with a couple of people who will be working on the vocal elements of the piece. We went to some of the places where I’ve recorded sound and taken footage. We listened-in, connecting to these places with our ears, and thought about how we might use our voices in the piece. 

It was bone-chilling weather but interesting to hear the landscape I’d visited in the summer in its winter state.  With the aid of recording equipment we could hear our surroundings amplified in a way that can’t be experienced with the ‘naked-ear’.  Up in the scrub there was a surprising amount of bird-life despite it being mid-winter.  

Annie and Jane listening on the hillside

Musical ideas that surfaced on the windy hillside were the sounds of susurration (whispering or rustling), drones, and vocal rounds using sounds or words evocative of the landscape.

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