Visual material

I’ve started to put together the visual material for the piece, using video footage I’ve taken in various local locations over the last few months. These early, draft ‘segments’ – which I’m posting on Vimeo (see below) – are subject to further iteration but serve as some initial building blocks. They will be paired with audio (field recordings) and then hopefully added to / worked on by vocalists. We’ll come up with ideas for how to use our voices in combination with this material until we have a full piece to perform. Maybe we’ll go on some small soundwalks in the locations where the audio-visual material was collected to get a feel for these habitats, and to generate ideas for how we might respond vocally within the composition.

The emerging structure of the piece is one where the listener / viewer experiences the range of habitats currently dominating the landscape (e.g. tussocky moor, heather moor managed for grouse, rough grazing land) before venturing into ‘wilder’ habitats more likely to predominate if nature was left to its own devices.

Rewilding Project – opening visuals (draft) from Jo Kennedy on Vimeo.

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