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I’ve set up this blog to document the course of a sound art project I’m doing over the next few months.

The aim is to make a piece of sound art / music (with some video footage too) that takes the listener on a sonic journey – starting with the sounds evocative of the moorland landscape I live near (Todmorden, South Pennines) and evolving to a ‘rewilded’ landscape – one where nature has been given the opportunity to do its own thing and a different type of ecology (and soundscape) has established itself.

I’ll be using field recordings as compositional material and am hoping to involve people who are interested in using their voices – maybe for singing, for spoken word, or more as instruments.  I’m into working collaboratively with any potential performers so how we use voices in the piece is up for discussion!

As the project evolves I’m intending to post blogs about its progress, but also take the opportunity to discuss and share material I find on the scientific and ecological aspects of rewilding  – it’s important that this informs the piece.  Additionally,  I’ll be taking a look at the genre of Ecological Sound Art in general and the work of other artists in the field.   I’m interested in how sound art and the creative arts generally can be used to raise people’s awareness of the environment and environmental issues.

By Spring 2019 my aim is that we give a live performance of the piece, and that we make the material (any score and audio and visual material) available to anyone else who might like to perform it, or their own modified version.


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  1. This sounds great, Jo! My first thought was emulating the calls of the Curlew… a challenge, but one I’d love to try! Looking forward to working with you all on this.

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