I’m Jo Kennedy.  I live in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.  This blog documents a sound art project I’m undertaking over the next few months, based on an imagined rewilding of my local South Pennine moorland.  The piece will use field recordings and the human voice.

Project Blog

A small vocal workshop

As discussed in other posts my intention was to include vocals as part of this creative project. As well as the sound walk (see January 20 post) I also invited several people to a small workshop.  This took place one February evening at Magic City café, Todmorden.  It was an opportunity to share the draft audio-visual piece …


For any questions or more information on this project, you can contact me (Jo Kennedy) at rewildingsounds@gmail.com


This page includes links to useful resources and information I’ve found on the topics of rewilding,  ecological sound art, and connecting with nature


Rewilding Britain

and – from the above website, their resources page  – https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/our-work/resources/

Cambrian Wildwood

finding nature.org.uk  

a  Nature Connectedness Research Blog by Prof. Miles Richardson


From the Ecosono website: “Experimental sound art and environmental   preservation meet through the actions and publications of EcoSono. By involving the arts in environmentalism with the assistance of science, EcoSono hopes to cultivate a close and productive relationship between people and the places they inhabit.”


A site run by Jim Cummings with information on environmental sound art, CD releases, and useful links to artists and organisations  

The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

An international association of affiliated organisations and individuals who share a common concern for the state of the world’s soundscapes.  WFAE’s affiliated UK organisation is the UK and Ireland Soundscape Community (UKISC)


Wilding – The return of nature to a British farm,  by Isabella Tree.  Published by Picador, May 2018   Also see Isabella’s short You Tube video on her book.

Feral, By George Monbiot.  Published by Penguin Press, 2013

The Moorlands of England and Wales, by I. G. Simmonds.  Published by Edinburgh University Press, 2003

Environmental Sound Artists: In Their Own Words, edited by Frederick Bianchi and V. J. Manz, Published by Oxford University Press, 2016

The Book of Nature and Music, edited by  Marta Ulvaeus and David Rothenberg.  Published by Wesleyan University Press, 2009

In the Field: The Art of Field Recording.  Edited by Cathy Lane and Angus Carlyle.  Published by Uniformbooks, 2011

Radio Programmes

Oliver Rackham and Wildwood Ideas

From BBC iPlayer “Our romantic attachment to the idea of wildwood, the impossibility of ever getting back to some primeval grove, and the possibilities opening up about the health and wellbeing of future forests, are debated by Rana Mitter with ecologist and conservationist, Keith Kirby, who knew and worked with the late Oliver Rackham (1939-2015)”

Examples of Ecological Sound Art 

Dark Sound  – Mikel R. Nieto (2016)

Also see http://www.gruenrekorder.de/?page_id=15050    

This body of work, including a CD but also a book printed on black paper with black text,  documents the impact of the oil industry on an Ecuadorian rainforest .  Early tracks on the CD are composed with natural sounds, but as at the CD progresses the tracks start to include and are finally dominated by sounds from the destruction of the habitat at its replacement with an oil plant. 

Graciela Muñoz – El Sonido Recobrado (2014)

The artist placed 28 speakers in a river bed in Chile from which all the water had been illegally abstracted.  She amplified the sound of another river under threat of damming (for hydro-electricity) through the speakers, thus bringing the sound of the old river back to the local community. 

Softday – Amhrán na mBeach (Song of the Bees) (2014)

A performed piece addressing bee colony decline, using field recordings from participating beekeepers, and a score for vocalists, string instruments, organ and laptops.  The above website provides more information on the development of the piece.